Foreigners in Bulgaria and Bulgarians Abroad

  • Legal advice on issuing long-stay visas in the Republic of Bulgaria to foreigners;
  • Assistance in the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Interior for filing of documents and obtaining permits for long-term, prolonged and permanent residence of foreigners in Bulgaria, as well as long-term and permanent residence of EU citizens and their family members in Bulgaria;
  • Legal advice and assistance for applying for Bulgarian citizenship;
  • Legal advice and assistance for establishing a business enterprise of a foreigner in Bulgaria – branch of a foreign trader, registration of a business company, business representation of a foreign trader;
  • Conclusion of employment agreements with foreigners and employment agreements with   EU citizens in Bulgaria;
  • Residence of a foreigner in Bulgaria as a family member of a Bulgarian national;
  • Drawing up a birth certificate for a child – Bulgarian citizen, when the child was born abroad;
  • Registration of a civil marriage of a Bulgarian citizen contracted abroad.

For any questions and legal assistance, you can contact me by e-mail:

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