Tanya was a beacon of hope for my husband and I at a time when options appeared to be so limited. I just can’t express how thankful and grateful I am without explaining a little about our situation.

We are an interracial couple and we chose to get married in Bulgaria beginning of this year (2020). As luck would have favoured us soon after marriage pandemic hit hard all over the world. I had entered Bulgaria with a tourist visa and I had to go back to my country to apply for the long stay visa as we both wanted to settle here. But due to coronavirus I could not fly back to my home country ( as all international flights were suspended). A short happiness was when the government announced that it would extend the visas but we had so many doubts and what if’s? So we decided to seek the help of an advocate who could guide us. That is how we came in contact with Tanya, from the very day we met her and explained our situation we felt at ease.

Right from the paperwork to my documentation not only for the extension of my tourist visa but up till getting my long stay visa and to top it all till my Bulgarian ID card she has helped us so diligently, professionally and sometimes even going out of her way to help us. Although it was not an easy case and a journey she so steadfastly supported us and did everything legally to help us and here we are today happily settled in Bulgaria.

Words nor actions are sufficient to explain how much you have done for us and how happy we are that you represented us. We will always recommend you to people who are in a similar position like us.

I highly recommend to anyone who wants to use her legal service.

Thanking you always

Keneitsino Naleo Radulov


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